About MHz

We are a young management consulting and software tool development group based in Dubai. Founded in 2012, we are focusing on the telecoms and media industry.
Management consulting and software tool development are highly symbiotic activities when done right and our key competence is the rare combination of deep industry knowledge and excellent software development skills. Read more


We guarantee the full value of management consulting projects with the synthesis of industry expertise and industrial strength tool support for key elements of proposed new solutions and approaches.


Our tools for the telecoms and media industry are developed by people with deep managerial experience of the industry, leading to tools that are effectively customized, focusing on key features.


The core focus of MHz group are customer- facing functions and we have already got proven client success stories in these areas.

As a divers team we work on projects in several competence areas, different countries and continents. The mix of diverging backgrounds and long-term industry experience enables us to connect branch-specific processes with innovative approaches. Read more

  • Sales & Distribution

    “How can I profitably potentially increase my intake of quality customers and drive wasteful costs out of the process?”

  • Pricing

    “How can I analyze and optimize my pricing to ensure both strong customer appeal and attractive profitability?”

  • Targeted Marketing

    “How can I ensure that cross-/up-selling opportunities are captured and that at-risk customers are retained?”

  • Information Infrastructure

    “How can I ensure that I have the right tools and decision-support information available to me in a consistent and timely manner?”

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